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About Coach James


My students call me Coach James but I am also a National Master (+2200) from Iowa. I have an obsession for this game and my mission is to share that passion with my students.


The key to finding a great coach for your student is to make sure the coach understands children. Many parents make the mistake of correlating playing ability (rating) with teaching ability. The knowledge is useless if it cannot be understood by the child. 


I am a Sage when it comes to children. I have worked with children as young as 3.5 and have worked with multiple students from elementary to high school graduation. I have had the misfortune of losing to at least 5 of my students (not accidental). Many of my students have crossed the +1900 barrier and are just vicious over the board. 


If you are looking for a great Coach/Mentor, your child is in great hands.  

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