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Extra Reports

Advertisements or News Feed...

turn this into a news reel of interesting photographs or advertisements. If you can create a video reel that might be interesting as well. 

The goal of this area is to open source all the homework assignments to make the school part as easy as possible. We want our students to maximize their fun time.  We understand that most of the important things you learn will be accomplished in high school and college. We want to make the tedious activities in school as quick as possible so you can maximize your time having fun and supporting our club. You see, being part of an organization as far reaching as the Thunder King Chess Club will make you stand out and standouts are what the world is looking for. 

Left Side (Articles) Right Side (Workforce) 
Overhead Pictures link to Google Documents for Each Grade. Articles are based on gathering information that best help our students get ahead and stay ahead. These are tips to being a more efficient student. This could be information based on the CyberWar we might have in the future. There could be many directions to go with this page. It might be important to convince students that a remote job like Computer Science is the wave of the future.


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