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6 Reasons Fabi will BEAT Carlsen!

I believe it will be Fabiano Caruana that will become the new World Champion of Chess. My reasons for his success are not on the basis of geographical bias or some personal wager I made with a friend. He will win because the course of this match has laid out an undeniable path to victory!

Reason 1:

In the first game of this match, Carlsen had put all his effort into testing the mettle of Fabiano. The game was close to setting records but it was Fabiano's unshakable resilience that saved the day. Magnus realized after this game that it would take more effort than he was capable of producing in order to subdue Fabiano, unless, that game was a fluke...

It was no fluke, Fabiano has pushed himself to new levels due to the gravity of the match. He understands that if he doesn't take care of business, he may never get a chance for redemption (e.g. Sergey Karjakin).

Reason 2:

In the second game, Carlsen was taking the heat. He may not have thought much about this game, he probably assumed that surviving bad positions was part of the job but this game had HUGE implications!

Fabiano was not only able to take the heat but he was able to deal it as well. In Carlsen's first game he was pressing like a maniac but when the roles were reversed, Caruana showed discipline and maturity by not wasting his energy.

Carlsen is losing his cool whilst Caruana is holding his composure!

Reason 3:

Game three may have seemed dull but it also revealed an important nugget of truth.

Fabiano was not at all apprehensive to trying the same opening again. The near death experience he endured in game one hadn't shaken him at all. Carlsen was hoping to go into this game intent on bullying Fabiano but he was solid as a rock.

Fabi's Resolve will NOT be Crushed!

Reason 4:

c4! Need I say more?!

Carlsen's attempt at spicing up the match lead to nothing. Fabiano was again able to neutralize any attempt at fun this game.

Fabiano is proving that he is in control and Carlsen is more and more looking like a fish out of water.

Reason 5:

A gambit against Carlsen... Isn't that like... Suicide?!

No! Not if you understand the strength of your opponent. Fabiano at this point, Fabiano is beginning to realize that Carlsen isn't anything special. Fabi is so amazed by his UNRIVALED power that he feels he can play just about anything against Carlsen!

Fabi is beginning to realize he is the favorite in this matchup!

Reason 6:

1. d4... 1...c4 1...e4 did you prepare at all Carlsen??

Carlsen is getting desperate, he so badly wants a decision that he is throwing pawns at Fabi like a spoiled little baby. Fabiano, however, is sitting back shaking his head, understanding that it is just a matter of time before Magnus slips on a banana peel and falls smack on his face.

Carlsen is getting desperate and is beginning to crack under pressure!


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