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Central Wins the Coralville K-6 Team Championship!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Central Elementary hoisting the Trophy!

The Coralville Team Championship was created to get the schools motivated to compete. There were 5 teams that competed though 1 of the teams were only able to compete in one section due to their shortage of personnel. The event was organized to feature a match play between each of the team's top 4 players, though there were a few adjustments made. The other section had all the school's extra players playing off against each other.

The top 4 scores were combined from each school in both sections to determine who won the event. Central was said to have a deep team and they didn't disappoint. Of the 32 possible points they could have earned for the event, (4 rounds x 4 players x 2 sections) they were able to pick up 25 points. That put Central just ahead of Wickham elementary who finished the event with 22.5 points.

It was a fine battle and I look forward to hosting a battle between the schools in the future!


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