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Chess Life to the Tri-Cities

Meeting new faces in the Tri-Cities. [5-6-2023]

I went to the Pasco library, the previous day, to play and encourage the efforts of some aspiring chess masters. I provided a lot of positive reinforcement for a few k-12 players to attack self-defeating mentalities and it made me a few allies. It was technically my third visit, but I took a lengthy break after the first visit, during the summer, and had just built the habit these last two weeks.

The following day my goal was to attend a rated tournament at the Richland library, but I was informed that the organizers could not reserve a room that Saturday. I was annoyed because this would mean two months without a serious chess tournament. I accepted the bad news but was not at a complete loss since I encountered a familiar face from the previous event along with his friend and relatives. I watched them play a game before suggesting a cooperative game of modified ‘Hand in Brain’ that dealt me a needed handicap. I stayed for about 2 hours and ended it by recording a blitz game between two of the beginners.

This area has great potential to become the new empire for the Thunder Kings, but it will take me and a few of my allies to provide the Tri-Cities the leadership it deserves.


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