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Christopher Yoo Goes super!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Christopher Yoo begins to channel his anger to rake in the Dubs.

Capture from STL Chess Club

There is one thing we humans want to avoid and that is angering Christopher Yoo. Hans Niemann has gone too far, he has opened Pandora’s box and we all must deal with the consequences.

Hans made the mistake of angering Magnus Carlsen but why on earth would he continue this stunt by making a joke out of Christopher!? I read that Christopher’s mother was worried about him, that the last time she had seen this bloodlust was when she forgot to pack his juicebox in the 3rd grade…

Here is the result. Christopher has responded by maxing his calculation speed and increasing his alert for any means to seize the initiative. This is an evolution that should have taken 5 more years to refine but Hans has pushed Christopher to the point where he has transcended time.

I am concerned, very concerned…

What catastrophic effect will pushing the needle have on Christopher’s chess in the long term. We may enjoy Christopher’s evolution right now but could this single act of rage extinguish his growth for the future?


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