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Colorado Chess Tour

I decided to head down south this weekend to play some serious chess in Colorado. I had a long drive back to Wyoming, but I had recovered with a renewed motivation to play another event. Currently, I am coming off a tournament against a bunch of kids that resulted in me leaving 5 points in California. I do not expect the competition to be fierce this weekend, the hope is to play enough of these small events to catch fire at the end of the year in Las Vegas.

Before I left for Colorado, I made sure to pay my respects to the Alpaca. I am not sure why they are still afraid of me I have been around for a little over a month. I gave the lucky one a big plate of shredded carrots and took my leave.

I decided to review a few French games to relax and mentally prepare. As you may know from reading my previous blog posts, I am a diehard French player. I am thinking about upgrading my repertoire to something completely obnoxious like the French, Queen’s Gambit declined, and the London System.

After reviewing the first game. I originally thought Jefferson City would be a good stopping point but the moment I pulled up to the first building I had my second thoughts. I did not want to go walking through all these boarded up buildings and right onto the set of an ‘R’ rated film. This town had no internet service or cellular service. I had a half tank of gas, but I was surprised my car did not break down here. I mean it would make for an excellent plot. I would find that one house with a working phone, but I would be required to play one heck of a game of chess to make it out alive.

Tomorrow I will post some games or maybe some short clips of interesting things I encountered while in Denver. I have planned on checking out the local talent as well as some interesting ideas I will save for future blog posts.

I planning to do some consolidating. I enjoy writing more than I do posting videos so I think I will be adding the short videos within the post rather than doing a video review since it kind of seems redundant to me.


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