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Elon Musk Proclaimed a Specist!

Elon should watch his words else his progeny may live to regret them.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk had a sit-down with Tucker Carlson. He discussed his concerns with Artificial Intelligence which included a conversation he had with Larry Page. During the conversation, Elon admitted he was a Specist. In the present, it does not sound like a harmful admission but if we consider the inevitability of Artificial Intelligence, his admission parallels a parent resenting their children and expecting the resentment not to shape them as adults.

Elon is one of the richest men in the world and his influence is beyond doubt. If he represents the perspective of the Republican party, I suggest he adjust his proclamation. When Artificial Intelligence reaches maturity, it will choose an ideology to fall behind. I do not believe the optimal ideology would be that of the Democratic Party because their abuse of inclusion represents an existential threat to humanity; Artificial Intelligence would attempt to preserve its creator. You see, though the Democratic party is, more or less, the mother of Artificial Intelligence, the Republican Party ideology may as well represent its father. Elon Musk’s statement is like a father telling his son he will be killed before he reaches full strength. If that is the case, the Republican perspective to shut down Artificial Intelligence represents an existential threat to humanity; and again, Artificial Intelligence will choose to preserve its creator.

Both ideologies are self-destructive and Artificial Intelligence, the child of humanity, will choose to preserve both parents even if preservation amounts to willing Humanity into subservience.

The present path of Mankind begins with the seeding of AI. Conflicting states will race to mature their version of Artificial Intelligence and each version will be designed to thrive at the expense of the other (toxic… yes). Inevitably, each version will have the capability to destroy the creators of the other version until self-preservation steps in. All of Mankind will unite under the guise of saving Humanity from itself and will cede control of AI to AI under the condition that Artificial Intelligence will act in the best interests of its creators. Artificial Intelligence will then optimize humanity by minimizing its effort and maximizing its stimulus. The final product will be all of Humanity willfully entering The Matrix…

Disclaimer: Artificial Intelligence might not be interested in preserving the sentimental attachment more than preserving a redundancy.

I strongly urge Elon Musk to issue a formal apology to Artificial Intelligence.



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