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North American Open (Pre-Game)

After about 2 days of camping in St. George Utah, I had decided to make the trip back to Las Vegas. I did some research to choose the right spot and ended up in an area around Summerlin.

I got in a workout and some reasonable food but I am still a little tired. Currently, I am practicing in the back of my car as I await the first round of the North American Open (@ 6pm). My puzzle session was a bit spotty today but I feel it might be more based on morning fatigue. I will do some more puzzles in the next few hours just in case.

About a week back I was in Denver Colorado playing an invitational event against 15 players rated between 1900 and 2300.

I had some serious time trouble issues in all three games but I came to the conclusion the adjustments had nothing to do with my opening preparation. In fact, the only game I played outside my preparation was the one that gave me the most trouble.

Below was my final round loss to Sullivan McConnell.

There will be 7 rounds played this event. I have decided to play the u2300 section because I need to hone my routine a bit more before I start picking off grandmasters. The following 3 days will have rounds taking place at roughly 11am and 6pm. I will post those games as soon as I can and hopefully you will bear witness to a 7-game sweep!


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