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Radioactive Bird? What is it?!

A trip through the park in Richland Washington.

I decided to travel today but I am not always certain what I will do once I reach my destination. I recently coached myself on the importance of following my instincts. Do what comes natural to you because your design is built to maximize your value. What came natural to me was visiting the park. I drove to the tri-cities in Washington and decided to visit a park closest to the river. This is normally unnatural to me, since I have an allergy to mosquitos, but it was cold and late November. I had always been interested in nature. As a young boy, I would look for the opportunity to go outside and roam. I often had no target but my hope was to see things I normally hadn’t seen before. Novelties are harder to encounter as time passes.

Today I saw something that resembled a goose but more likely it was a mutant goose. These birds reacted to the sound of incoming birds like the other fowl but it sounded and looked much different. I had never seen anything like them. I read there was a little town on the Columbia River (Hanford) used during World War II for the production of plutonium. Maybe these birds are byproducts of the Manhattan project…

I have no desire to do the research so I will simply allow my imagination to spin the possibilities.

Mutant birds… Be careful what you fish for.


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