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Remote Working Efficiency?

Why is it the tastiest things are often the most unhealthy?

I thought about this remote work situation and wanted to provide a perspective for those looking for one without bias.

There are other issues I could focus on but I will limit myself to productivity. Many people have forgotten their experience as a college student. For the normal student, the choice during final exams was to remove themselves from their typical study spot to a more disciplined area such as the library. Most people engaged in this behavior to save themselves from the distractions of their 'sanctuary'.

There might be a group out there with a preference for a local coffee shop or library, instead of a long commute to the workplace, but I argue it is NOT a comparable alternative. Workplace efficiency is undeniable. The workplace has the benefit of an environment that emulates a library but has the added benefit of its patrons being a group driven towards one goal.

I think those who argue for remote working are likely dependent on it or they favor convenience over performance.

For the executives out there who are not as shortsighted as the average man, you might want to put your foot down and save your company dollars in inefficiency.

Otherwise, you can remind yourself how well remote schooling has worked for kids?

The Tree isn't far from the fallen Apple...

(see what I did there)


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