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Chess Club 

by National Master
James Neal

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Our virtual chess club meets weekly from 5:00pm - 6:00pm on Zoom. Our club meetings are broken down into 2 sections: Lecture and Reinforcement. Many of my lectures are based on understanding the pieces and the science of forming effective plans. To increase the engagement, I add a quiz to go alongside the lecture. From my experience, children have as much or more fun taking these quizzes than playing. The quizzes are designed not to leave any students hanging so long as they know how to move the pieces and can hear the questions. I have had first year students take first place over veterans.


The last period (Reinforcement) is spent playing  a mini tournament. I typically watch the games and add comments but if the students are distracted by any sort of noise, I recommend muting the volume until they had completed the game. It does not get too loud but I am a great commentator and sometimes it's hard to pay attention when you have such outstanding feedback during a tournament.  

As I mentioned in the ABOUT US section, my goal is to keep my club as engaging as possible so my students have no problem going the extra mile to get to the top. 

I look forward to working with new students make sure to click the JOIN US NOW to get registered. 


I have worked the zoom format for about 2 years and I fancy myself a professional at the task. I am in the process of establishing a powerful chess organization in Colorado and I am in need of talent. 

As your Elite Coach, we live by three fundamentals: We work Hard, We have Fun, and We Honor the Game. 

We are warriors searching for players to challenge our power. We honored by the one capable of defeating us. In defeat we are made aware of our weaknesses.  


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