Registration & Behavior Policy

Approval Process

The Approval Process takes time, I don't want just anyone coming into the Thunder King Chess Club: 


1. Click on the Thunder King Members tab above. 


2. This will allow you to sign up via email/password. 


3. You will be sent a message of pending approval. 


4. While you are waiting to be approved, read over the expectations for proper behavior within the Thunder King Chess Club. 

I will only approve emails that I know. I do not want impostors or spies to overrun the Thunder King Chess Club. If I don't know your name, it would be wise to fill out the non-student form as well. ==>



Be Patient

Behavior Policy

I add comment sections and forums to my website for the purpose of sharing ideas. I strongly believe this practice is critical towards progressing as a chess player.

However, I realize most of my members are in grade school and will need a reminder of good behavior. 

1. Respect all members of the Thunder King Chess Club. 

(Put downs and bad language are not tolerated)

2. No spamming or Trolling 

[Spamming is when you repeat a message over and over (annoying). Trolling is when you intentionally say things to make someone else mad.]


You will be warned but enough warnings will result in your banishment from the Thunder King Chess Club.  


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