Dubuque area


Chesskid or Chess.com

There are a lot of good videos on chesskid.com. If you have trouble understanding the pieces or just looking for some good advice I would suggest this site. 

Chess Tempo

If you would like to continue training your tactics, I would prefer you to use chesstempo.com. The site is free and the puzzles are limitless.

Club Value: 1,000 TC

Chess Club Directory

This will have the current rankings of the club along with links to their personal pages. 

I would like for them to have links to google documents but this all could be taken care of in the Publications area. 

There might be an advertisement they can be directed towards that  will allow the parents to know a little more about the club and its accomplishments. 



I have used this website for a long time and it has a large online database of more than 8 million games. If you want to do some deeper study of your openings check out this site. 

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