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I would like you to adjust the problem assignments to cover a specific problem over the past / present / future. This would give the students the ability to add something over 3 of 4 weeks of the month. 

The final assignment would be covering the progress of your chess club. You want to talk about the efficiency of your club and show pictures of your progress over the month. This gives the students an idea about how productive each chess club is and I will take the time to choose one of those super productive chess clubs to post in the overhead reel. 

To determine journalist quality I will create a swiss sys file for the journalist groups. 

I will create a list of positions each school needs to fulfill in order to form their group. 

Journalist Grading. 

Fluency [Reads Smooth]

Objectivity [Order & Purpose]

Visual [Image Quality]

Captivation [Interest]

Scores are based on a scale 1-5:






Production Rank

You will need to adjust the pictures to take the white from the logos using the open source software GIMP. 

The tournament might be a round-robin but it should be executed from the Swiss Sys software and updated weekly. This is the fastest approach. 

I would like to set a limit to the amount of students each school can pair against each other (20). 


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