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The Chess Master 60 to 140 Hydration Boost

High Quality H2O as an enhancement since my last big tournament.

James Neal (2221)

I am in Columbia Missouri killing time before a big tournament takes place in a few weeks. I have regretted this commitment for about a week now because I have a new project waiting to be started back in Oregon. This circumstance is a reminder of my tendency for spontaneous behavior. This is largely due to poor planning, and it has wasted me innumerable hours.

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. I think the reason for me staying in the Midwest is a man by the name of Awonder Liang. I played him a long time ago when he was rated slightly above 2300. I nearly beat him, but I lost the game on time. I think there is a high chance I square off with him at the tournament. Statistically, I have about a 1% chance of beating him, but the power of fate might make our matchup legendary.

Awonder Liang. Photo: Peter Doggers/

Awonder Liang (2719)

I have maintained good sleep and hydration for a little over 2 weeks now. I expect sleeping in my car will backfire at the event so I will reserve a hotel for those days. My last big event was in Las Vegas and my average sleep score was 74 for that week. I have boosted my sleep score to an average of 78 as of last week. My goal will be to take a spiritual approach towards preparing for slumber. To do God’s work, he requires me to be in bed no later than 10pm... Good hydration has been my biggest upgrade. My average water intake during the North American Open had been 69 ounces per day. My last week hydration average was 142 fluid ounces. The benefit of good hydration is the optimal performance of pretty much everything. A fresh mind will make certain I am calculating consistently.

It is a waste of my time to prepare anything specific for Awonder. Most of my tougher opponents consider preparation to be my strength and divert towards grounds where the game will be decided on quality analysis. Unfortunately, consistent calculating has been my weakness since forever. There are moments when I am in the zone, but it usually does not last over the course of 5 or more rounds. I have a feeling the hydration and sleep will mitigate this disadvantage but to make certain, I have added super-secret special training routine.

Two weeks to turn myself into a machine. Let’s see what happens!


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