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A Long Road Ahead

I decided to set off driving yesterday and I found my timing to be less than ideal. The day after taking that COVID shot I had an irritating headache. I was also extremely tired after waking up at 4am for some unknown reason. I typically could get myself back to sleep but I was struck with some interesting ideas I just had to write down.

At 6:00am Ross was preparing me for the journey down south. He told me about his experiences sleeping in his truck while he went on hunting trips. It was quite elaborate, he suggested I remove my passenger seat for added legroom. He even told me about the cardboard he used to eliminate the exterior lights. I made sure to toss in a large cardboard box in attempt to replicate his results.

Early in the trip, I was forced to come to a stop in a little Wyoming town of about 1,000 people. I had to take care of some business that required a good internet connection. I begun to creep around this little town looking for the best connection and I settled on a gas station to provide me with 10mbps (barely ideal).

During the downtime, I carved up the box, which turned out to be an utter failure, and ate a salad. The photograph was me checking my height after my mother suggested that I was 6' 3" (she was off an inch).

I finished up my work and continued my long drive to Salt Lake City. I started nodding off while traveling at around 90mph so I thought it might be smart to sleep at rest stop. The sleeping setup was a work in progress but I brought two pillows and a warm blanket. My adjustment will be a sleeping bag because it was 20 degrees outside and the Car became too cold to sleep in after about 3 hours.

I am currently in a small town in Utah trying to make it to a Walmart in St. George. It will be another 90 minutes of driving but I feel fresh and my headache has worn off. The town was called Beaver and, at first sight, I could not see how on Earth this area could have Beavers, maybe they killed them all, but I did a google/wiki search to confirm the presence of Beavers.

Things look good so far, I will see what happens when I get there.


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