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Denver Chess Preparations

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Tomorrow is the big event but first I must do a little scouting…

Yesterday, I decided to drive to the Denver Chess Club as a spectator instead of a competitor. I did not feel like playing this week but I wanted to get myself into a fighting spirit for tomorrow’s event. If you are not aware, tomorrow is the Denver Open and the strongest players in Colorado will be in attendance. Sullivan (2276) was not present for this Denver Chess Club meeting but he is the highest rated player that will play. Sullivan and his brother, Griffin, do not like competing against each other so I see each of them individually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I spent a lot of time working on my calculating troubles but I am still unsure what to expect this event. The last time I felt confident going into an event I lost 2 games in 5 rounds. My last two underperforming events had shorter time controls and a few unfortunate circumstances that lowered my performance.

Tuesday was a much better peformance on my part but I missed an easy opportunity to end the game via the London System. My opponent blundered on the 12th move which allowed me a chance to capture the c-pawn and then the bishop to follow with a fork and possibly a pin down the b-file. The evaluation was a 2 full points in white’s favor if I played correctly but I played a passively instead and the evaluation was brought back to even. I will need to increase the difficulty of my puzzles to get reduce those oversights tomorrow.

Today my game plan is puzzles and going through positions I expect to see against Sullivan and company. Also, I am planning to put together short videos to illustrate my progress throughout the event.


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