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King's League Schedule & Playoffs

Pairing Formula for the Regular Season

The above table will be the formula used to calculate the matchups throughout the season. There will be 8 teams per division and the season is planned to be 8 weeks followed by the playoffs.

To choose which number for each school, I will plan on using a random number application to ensure fairness. I will go down the list putting each school in alphabetical order and giving a number to them ( a - z = 1-8). I will follow by putting the numbers into the random number generator and depending on which order they give all 8 numbers will correspond to the number they get in the league. For example: Borlaug (2) => #2 generated 4th (8,5,4,2, etc.) means their pairing number would be 4.

The Home Team would be the left number and the Away Team would be the right number.

Playoff Bracket for the Post Season

The top 2 teams from each division will enter the playoffs and their ranking number (1-8) will be determined by their regular season record with the F-Line score as a tiebreaker. The higher the F-Line score, in the event of a tie, will give the higher seed.

Most of these events will continue to take place online but I am thinking about holding the championship concurrently with some important scholastic event.

*This article will be updated as more problems surface.


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