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This Weather is Killing Me...

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The cold this morning was ridiculous. I am the type that has great difficulty getting out of bed when it is too cold. I chose to write and plan while mustering up the courage to leave my bed. I thought about going south for winter. Actually, I had always dreamed of going south to avoid the brutality of Iowa winters. This might be the year.

Traveling would have the potential to be a really bad idea since I cannot guarantee consistent sleep in the back of my car. It would be a 1000+ mile trip but basking in the warmth a little overwhelming. I done some deep thinking before realizing I had a potential friend in California.

I conducted a brief search before finding an event in November. So far it did not look to be a competitive event but that might change in a couple weeks.

Grandmaster but the game was an inspiration to me since I held my own for about 25 moves. Since then, my training has been a little haphazard with the new environment and planning all bidding for my time.

I have a good 2 to 3 weeks to return to form and catch fire in The Heeeeeat of Los Angeles.


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